9 Best Bounce House For Summer

ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide, Shark Bounce House with Slide for Wet and Dry, Playground Sets for Backyards, Water Spray & Water Pool, Durable Sewn with Extra Thick Material, Idea for Kids (9417N)

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Bounceland Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House, with Long Slide, Large Bouncing Area, Basketball Hoop and Sun Roof, 13 ft x 12 ft x 9 ft H, UL Strong Certified Blower, Castle Kids Party Theme

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ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide, Bounce House with Slide for Wet and Dry, Kids Backyard Waterpark For Summer Fun, Water Gun & Splash Pool, Durable Sewn with Extra Thick Material, Idea for Kids (9452)

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AirMyFun Inflatable Bounce House,Jumping Bouncer with Air Blower,Splash Pool to Play,Kids Slide Park for Outdoor Playing with Carry Bag

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ACTION AIR [Updated Version] Bounce House, Inflatable Bouncer Without Air Blower, 450W/0.6HP Blower Needed to Operate, Durable Sewn with Extra Thick Material, Idea for Kids (C-9745-IP) Without Blower

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ACTION AIR Bounce House, Waterslide with Bouncy Area, Wet and Dry Bouncy House, Slide & Ball Pool (Balls Not Included), Durable Sewn with Extra Thick, Summer and Winter Fun for Kids (9247)

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Naice 8 in 1 Inflatable Bounce House, Indoor Outdoor Inflatable Bouncers for Kids 3-10 Years Old, Jumper Bounce House with 2 Slides, Climbing Wall, Ball Pit House, Perfect for Toddlers, Kids, Children

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Bounce House, Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer, Inflatable Playhouse Trampoline Bounce House with Blower, Stakes, Repair Patches, and Storage Bag, Jumper House for Kids Outdoor, Backyard, Indoor

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Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer – Inflatable Bounce House with Blower – Huge – Premium Quality – Great For Events – Holds 6 Kids

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Is a bounce house too hot in summer?

There are similarities between bounce houses and closed cars. A new study shows that hot summer weather can lead to health risks related to overheating in the play structures.

Do bounce houses get hot in the sun?

The bounce house’s heat index was larger than that of the air. The average heat index in the bounce house was more than 7 degrees hotter than outside and the peak temperature was more than 8 degrees hotter.

Is it worth buying a bounce house?

It is worth buying if you can see yourself using it multiple times. The bounce house has been used five times and you’ve lost money.

How cold is too cold for a bounce house?

Setting up a bounce house in cold weather is not a good idea. There is a higher risk of someone getting hurt because there is no flexibility. There is a serious risk of damage to your bounce house when it is in the cold.

Do bounce houses get hot?

The average heat index in the bounce house was more than 7 degrees hotter than outside and the peak temperature was more than 8 degrees hotter.

What is the size of a bounce house?

The average bounce house size is 13’x13′ to 15’x15′. There are larger sizes around the 20’x20′ and 10’x10′ ranges. At least four children can be accommodated in a bounce house.

Do bounce houses use a lot of electricity?

A small 1 HP blower can cost around $0.13 per hour, a 1.5 HP blower can cost around $0.15 per hour, and a 2 HP blower can cost around $0. The hourly rate is 012 per hour. The cost to run a bounce house is close to $1 a day.

Can inflatables explode?

Bouncy Castles and other inflatables use continuous air flow to stay inflated which allows the air to escape from the seams of the inflatable, meaning that the bouncy castle or inflatable will never explode due to being over-inflated or from the heat.

How windy is too windy for bounce house?

Strong winds can pull stakes out of the ground and cause a bounce house to be destroyed. The bounce house should not be used in winds over 20 MPH.

What is the smallest bounce house?

The smallest bounce houses are usually six feet on a side with low ceilings and a small amount of bounce so that they are suitable for young children and toddlers. Young children between the ages of 5 to 7 can benefit from larger bounce houses.

How do bounce houses stay inflated?

If you want to inflate a bounce house properly, you need a blower that is at least 7 to 14 Amps and a rating of 115 volts. A second blower and additional circuit may be required for larger bounce houses. The bounce houses can be inflated with blowers between 1 and 2hp.

Is it hard to set up a bounce house?

Most bounce houses are set up in less than 20 minutes. It takes a long time to find a bounce house location and lay it out. Depending on the size, the take down can be a little longer. A bounce house take down can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

How long does it take to fill up a bounce house?

Each bounce house, water slide, and obstacle course has a blower that it should use. The time it takes for a bounce house to inflate can be doubled on big water slides and obstacle courses.

Are bounce houses loud?

Quiet blowers are found in modern inflatables. The loud blowers of smaller units are just as loud as the vacuum cleaners. Humans are still involved in stitching the panels together, but with machines.

Can you use a leaf blower for a bounce house?

The bounce house can be inflated with a leaf blower. The bounce house has a leaf blower in it.

How long can you run a bounce house blower?

If you plan on running your inflatable all day, you can stop the blower for 10 to 15 minutes every 4 hours to allow it to cool down. There is a breaker built into your blower that protects it from over heating.

Can jumping castles explode?

Two children were gravely wounded when a bouncy castle exploded and flung them over a fence onto the tram tracks. In the Russian city of Barnaul, there is a vision that shows an inflatable rip off its moorings with two children inside.

What are bouncy castles filled with?

A bouncy castle is a castle-like structure filled with air that can be rented or purchased for kids to play on. They are usually made of strong material in order to hold the weight of the children jumping on them.

Can you put a bounce house on concrete?

A bounce house can be set up in a variety of locations. Grass, concrete, and asphalt are all acceptable as long as the surface is mostly flat.

How much wind does it take to lift a bounce house?

The company told the family that the bounce house shouldn’t be used if the winds were over 10 mph. Those who rent a bounce house are encouraged to secure it.

How do you weigh down inflatables?

There are bags filled with sand or gravel that can be used to hold down an inflatable. If you want to properly secure your decorations, you should use at least two or three bags. When filling your bags, make sure they fit in the access hole of the inflatable.

How are inflatables measured?

When inflated, inflatables will be a little smaller than the listed measurements because they are measured flat and un inflated. Figure out how much of the listed size it is. Is there a way to ask a question?

What are moon bouncers?

The experience of moon bounce is described in a word. The term “marketing piece” was used by early amusement rides at the traveling carnivals. You could experience what it was like to bounce on the moon if you were in the USA.

Does a bounce house need constant air?

All bounce houses and inflatables need a constant flow of air because the manufacturers use a lot of seams. Even though the moon bounce is in perfect operating condition, air still leaks from the seams on the newer bounce houses.

How do you stop a bounce house?

You can turn off or plug the blower. There is a blower in the inflatable. The air can escape and the inflatable can deflate. It takes 10 to 20 minutes for deflation to occur on the inflatable.

How do you tie a bounce house down?

The best way to tie down a bounce house is with sand. If you want to fill inflatables with a double D loop connected securely to the sandbag, there are a number of different options.

How long does it take to set up a bouncy castle?

How long does it take for a bouncy castle to be built? A bouncy castle can be set up in 10 minutes. BeBop bouncy castles are easy to store in their own carry bag.

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