2 Best Commercial Inflatable Bounce House With Water Slide

TentandTable Kids Rainbow Water Slide Bounce House Combo | 26′ Foot Long x 13′ Foot Wide x 14.3′ Foot Tall | Wet or Dry Commercial Grade Inflatable | Includes: Blower and Stakes

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18-Foot Tidal Wave Marble Inflatable Water Slide, Wet or Dry, Commercial Grade, 1.5 HP Blower and Stakes Included

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Are bounce houses a good investment?

How much profit can be made by a bounce house? According to research, 1.5 rentals per week equates to $188 per week for a bounce house. If you invest in bounce houses, your business will make about $750 a week.

Is Omega inflatables a real company?

Omega Inflatables is not fake. The factory has been open for 8 years and is located in Panyu District. It has more than 3000m of land and over 100 workers who make inflatables.

How many CFM do I need for a bounce house?

The bigger the bounce house is, the higher the CFM will be and the more power it will have. A bounce house that is 12’x12′ should be able to work with a blower. The bounce house with a 22’x22′ size will need at least 2hp and 1000 to 2000hp.

Are water slides a good investment?

Water slide rentals are an excellent investment for your party. Water slide rentals in Houston can be used when you don’t have a pool or beach nearby. It is predicted that the inflatable industry will hit $5.72 billion in 2021.

Can bounce house Blower get wet?

The bounce house can get wet, but the electrical cords can’t. Keeping water away from the unit is the best way to prevent damage. It is a good idea to cover the blower completely.

What do you put under bounce house?

It is recommended that a tarp be placed under the bounce house in order to protect it from the elements. A bounce house can be anchored with sandbags, water bags, or concrete blocks.

What kind of material are bounce houses made of?

The bounce houses are usually made of nylon or a similar material. Large residential bounce houses are often made of nylon because of its strength. The density of nylon bouncers is measured by their weight classifications.

Can toddlers use bounce house?

The bounce houses should not be played on by children under the age of six. Only small groups of children of the same age and size should play at the same time, but one child at a time is the safest way to play.

Do inflatables use a lot of electricity?

National Grid says a typical inflatable consumes between 150 and 200 watt hours. If you use 10 hours a day, you’ll spend an extra $10 a month on your electric bill, and if you use 14 hours a day, you’ll spend an extra $10 a month on your electric bill.

Does a bounce house use a lot of electricity?

The good news is that even though the blower is large, it doesn’t require a lot of electricity to operate. The bounce house blower costs around $0.16 per hour.

Can you use a generator for a bounce house?

The blower in most bounce houses is rated for 115volt. There is a blower that can be plugged into a household outlet. The generator is the next best option if there isn’t an outlet.

Are inflatable water parks profitable?

During the summer holidays, some parks get over 1200 visitors per day. Although it’s a very profitable business, there are a few difficult aspects, but if you have a good plan and a proper business strategy, you can be successful.

Does bounce have a weight limit?

Each bounce house has an individual weight limit for each jumper, as well as a maximum number of jumpers allowed at a time.

What is the weight limit on a jumper?

Your baby can use the jumper when they can hold their head up on their own. There is a time to stop. The weight limit for jumpers is usually 25 to 30 lbs. until your baby can walk.

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