9 Best Lego With Andrea

LEGO Friends Andrea’s Family House 41449 Building Kit; Mini-Doll Playset is Great Gift for Creative 6-Year-Old Kids, New 2021 (802 Pieces)

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LEGO Friends Andrea’s Swimming Cube 41671 Building Kit Set; Includes a Pet Toy for Kids in a Random Color; Swimming Toy Sparks Hours of Imaginative Play for Creative Kids; New 2021 (59 Pieces)

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LEGO Friends Andrea’s Bunny Cube 41666 Building Kit; Rabbit Toy for Kids with an Andrea Mini-Doll Toy; Bunny Toy Makes a Creative Gift for Kids Who Love Portable Playsets, New 2021 (45 Pieces)

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LEGO Friends Andrea’s Heart Box 41354 Building Kit (84 Pieces) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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LEGO Friends Birthday Party 30107 w/Andrea Minifig (Bagged)

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LEGO Friends 30205 Pop Star Andrea New 2015

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LEGO Friends Andrea’s Pool Party 41374 Toy Pool Building Set with Andrea and Stephanie Mini Dolls for Pretend Play, Includes Toy Juice Bar and Wave Machine (468 Pieces)

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LEGO Friends Andrea’s Shopping Play Cube 41405 Building Kit, Includes a Mini-Doll and Toy Pet, Promotes Creative Play, New 2020 (40 Pieces)

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LEGO Friends Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344 Building Kit (294 Pieces) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Who is Andrea boyfriend in Lego Friends?

She thought she was going to be set up with Daniel in Wait… Is This Like, a Date?, but she is not an official boyfriend. There have been no new developments.

Does Andrea from Lego friends have a house?

LEGO® FriendsAndrea’s Family House is a gift that will make a difference. Fantastically detailed, from the solar panels on the roof to the mini keyboard in the garage studio, this is a premium playset that will delight LEGO Friends fans and wow buddies who come to play.

What is Stephanie’s last name in Lego Friends?

I chose the name Emma because it is of Chinese origin and she is Asian-American. I couldn’t decide which one to support.

Why did they change Olivia from Lego Friends?

They did a few things there, but the most important thing they did was to make each of the girls different. There were four white girls and one black girl.

What is Mia’s bunny name?

Mia has a lot of animals. There are some that are related to the horse and the rabbit.

Who is Stephanie’s boyfriend in LEGO Friends?

Jacob is a minor character who first appears in New Girl in Town and is a scientist. He is in the air with her. He has friends with all of the people.

How old are LEGO Friends supposed to be?

Lego Friends is marketed to children as young as 12 years old. The other Lego markets in this age range show how dumb Friends are.

What are the Lego Friends girls called?

Did you ever meet the five girls and the other LEGO Friends from Heartlake City? Come along now! It’s always good to meet new people. They are happy to share their games, videos and activities with you.

Who is Daniel Lego Friends?

A profile of the person. The older brother of Mia is Daniel. He and Mia have a close relationship and he has taught her a lot. Mia was sad that he was going to university.

What is Stephanie’s dog’s name?

There are some fun facts. A dog by the name of Dash the dog is owned by a person. According to a LEGO Life magazine, a fun loving fitness enthusiast with a need for speed and a taste for cupcakes is the person who goes by the name of “Steph”.

What is the biggest LEGO Friends set ever?

The Heartlake Grand Hotel is the largest set in the series with 1,552 pieces.

Do any of the Lego Friends have siblings?

This is a profile of the person. Both of Mia’s sisters are twin sisters, with the other one being a little sister. She likes to get into trouble with her twin brother, as they are young.

Is Lego Friends still a thing?

We want to make it clear that all five friends are still there. All of them are still here! The main interests and personality of the character are mostly unchanged.

What was the first Lego Friends set?

There were 14 sets that were released in the first wave. There were three mini-doll figures in the largest set, “Olivia’s House”.

Is MIA from Lego friends a tomboy?

Tomboys and Girly Girls can be seen in the new series.

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