How To Open Scooter Seat Without Key?


How do you open seat Ateca with key?

If you want to open the doors with KESSY, sit down in the driver’s seat, and use the start button. Press the door opening button if you want to. You should be warned if the battery is almost empty.

How do you open the seat on a Yamaha Zuma?

The key is in the car. Don’t try to push it in. The seat can be opened from the rear.

How do I replace my lost scooter key?

You can get a new key if you have a spare cut. The bike’s ignition cylinder code can be used by a locksmith to create a new key. You can use your bike’s vehicle identification number to order a key from a local dealer.

How do I disable Ateca keyless entry seats?

Page 131 to 132 of the manual shows how to disabling KESSY by locking the car with the key and pressing the lock button on the door in 5 seconds. You can’t use the KESSY system if you don’t have the key.

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