How To Redeem Lego Vip Points?

Can I use my Lego points online?

Points will be added to your account after a purchase in a LEGO Store. Once your order has shipped and you’ve paid, your points will be added. LEGO gift cards do not allow you to redeem points.

What is 100 Lego VIP points worth?

If you’re in the US, they’re worth $25 and can only be redeemed for $5. You can exchange a $5 voucher for 650 points if you spend $100.

Do LEGO VIP points expire?

If you don’t use your account for at least 18 months, LEGO® VIP Points will no longer be valid. You will get another 18 months to use your points if the timer is reset whenever you earn or redeem them. We will send you an email when you are close to losing points.

Do LEGO VIP vouchers expire?

If your account is inactive for more than 18 months, you’ll have to give up your points. We will send you an email three months before that happens.

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How much is 1000 LEGO VIP points worth?

It is worth $7,692 in the USA if you have one million of these points. It’s worth 6,667 in Germany if you have one million of the points.

Is it worth it to be a LEGO VIP?

It is possible to save a good amount of money on your LEGO purchases with the help ofVIP. If you want to get the most out of your points, it’s a good idea to check the VIP rewards page often because the rewards are always on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is LEGO VIP points?

LEGO®VIP is a loyalty program where you can earn points for every purchase you make in LEGO Stores and It’s free if you want to be a celebrity. You can collect points by signing up online or in store.

Can I use more than one LEGO VIP voucher?

Is it possible to use more than one voucher at a time?

Where do I find my LEGO VIP code?

As soon as you redeem your points for a reward, you’ll get your code, which you can use to get a discount. You will receive an email with the code that will be used on your next order.

How do I get a LEGO VIP card?

You just need to sign up through the website and follow the instructions. After you sign up, you’ll get an email with your digital card.

Can you combine LEGO VIP rewards?

It is fraudulent for any individual or company, association, or group to allow individuals to use a single LEGO Account for the purpose of accruing points or rewards for combined use.

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Can you merge Lego VIP accounts?

It is not possible to say yes. We will give away free gifts with purchases. There was a time when the ability to combine points between accounts was available.

Do LEGO VIP vouchers stack?

If you’re short of hitting the £100 voucher, you don’t have to worry: you can stack as many of these vouchers as you want.

What happened to my LEGO VIP points?

If you don’t use your account for 18 months, you’ll have to give up your points. We will send you an email three months before that happens.

Can I return Lego?

It is easy to return your order if you need to. You have 90 days to return or exchange your order. If you log into your account at, you can get a free return label. Click on the item you want to return and follow the instructions.

How do you join LEGO Club?

You can either log in to an existing LEGO account or register for a new one by visiting the LEGO Life Magazine Sign Up. The information you need to fill out is: your child’s name, gender, date of birth, and email. It’s okay for your child to join the LEGO Club if you send an email to the address you gave.

How do you earn VIP points in Lego?

If you buy anything from or LEGO Stores, you’ll get LEGO® VIP Points. You can earn points if you fill out surveys, watch videos, visit our Facebook page, and refer a friend to the program.

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What is LEGO VIP weekend?

It’s a chance to take advantage of the year’s best shopping deals a week in advance of Black Friday, if you’re a LEGOVIP member.

Does LEGO donate schools?

LEGO Education would like to help support individuals, schools and school districts. Our staff has a lot of knowledge about grants and federal funding opportunities, and are ready to help partners get funding.

What is LEGO VIP Black Card?

The Black Card was given to people who had purchased 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon in the first few months after it was released.

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