How To Use Lego Separator?

What does a LEGO brick separator do?

The LEGO Art brick separator can be used to remove tiles when building and rebuilding art.

Is there a tool to help take Legos apart?

The brick separator can be used to take apart bricks. You will be on your way to your next LEGO build if you follow the un-building instructions. The brick separator needs to be pressed down on top of the plate.

What LEGO sets come with a brick separator?

The brick separator was added to the LEGO Art mosaic sets. It is possible to remove more tiles and plates at the same time with this tool. When taking apart large LEGO mosaics, it’s helpful to use this.

How do you remove super glue from Legos?

acetone is a weakness of Super Glue. If you apply a small amount of acetone directly to the glue at the end of a Q-tip or cotton swab, you will be able to get rid of the bond without damaging the skin.

What is the Orange LEGO tool called?

The Lego brick separator tool is similar to a Swiss army knife. The thin end is used to separate tiles. The cross shaped object is used to push rods or axels.

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What colors do brick separators come in?

Red and even transparent colour variations can be seen on brick separators, which are usually orange and green.

Why did Tiago Catarino leave LEGO?

You can watch a video about the plusses and minuses of working for LEGO, as well as a video about quitting working for LEGO, here. Since then, he’s focused on expanding his channel with tips, tricks and building videos.

Who is Tiago Catarino?

The former LEGO model designer is the creator of the channel. The channel mainly focuses on building ideas and tutorials, as well as the ocasional set review and LEGO content in general.

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