How To Wash Yoyo Stroller?

YOYO fabrics are machine washed at 86F, so they can be removed easily. Is there a rain cover with the baby Zeny?

Can you wash the Babyzen Yoyo?

The basket and 6+ seat cover are easy to remove and can be washed at 30C.

How do you clean a yoyo rain cover stroller?

The rain covers we use are free of harmful chemicals. The rain cover can get a little cloudy when it wears out. You can use water and dish soap to clean it.

What is the difference between Babyzen Yoyo and yoyo2?

The YOYO2 has a higher maximum use weight limit of 22 kilogram, compared to the 16 kilogram limit. The reinforced frame and better suspension made a difference. It is the same size as the YOYO+.

Does the yoyo stroller recline?

The recline feature on the seat unit on the Babyzen YOYO can be used by children over 6 months of age. It has a base and a liner that can be removed. Younger children will benefit from the extra support provided by these wings.

How long does Babyzen Yoyo last?

The Babyzen 0+ is an option from birth that is not available in the standard Babyzen YoYo. It becomes an outward facing stroller for 6 months+ when it converts from a parent facing newborn nest.

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Which car seat is compatible with YOYO?

The YOYO car seat adaptors are specially designed for YOYO2 frame and compatible with other car seat brands.

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