What Is Lego Friends Andrea’S Last Name?

Who is Andrea’s crush in Lego Friends?

The summer jobs at the new Heartlake City Pool, Restaurant and Sports Center are fun and games for the Friends, until they get their first teenage crush on a singing mermaid. He’s Tad, the new lifeguard, and the sight of him reduces the normally fearlessAndrea to a babbling wimp.

What are the Lego Friends full names?

There are five characters named Lego Friends that live in Heartlake City.

What is Stephanie’s last name from Lego Friends?

I chose the name Emma because it is of Chinese origin and she is Asian-American. I couldn’t decide which one to support.

What is Mia’s bunny name?

Mia has a lot of animals. Twister the rabbit is one of the ones that are included.

Does Andrea from Lego friends have a house?

If you’re looking for a gift that will make a difference, check out LEGO FriendsAndrea’s Family House. Fantastically detailed, from the solar panels on the roof to the mini keyboard in the garage studio, this is a premium playset that will delight LEGO Friends fans and wow buddies who come to play.

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Who is Ava Lego Friends?

Liz was the first micro-doll to be seen on a LEGO Friends set, and she was to be the second one. There is a person in the cafe.

Who is Daniel Lego Friends?

This is a profile of the person. Daniel is Mia’s father. He has a close relationship with Mia and has taught her many things. He left Heartlake City to go to school.

Why did they change Olivia in Lego Friends?

In order to make them more diverse, they changed the ethnicity of each girl.

Do any of the Lego Friends have siblings?

This is a profile of the person. There are two sisters, Mia’s little sister and the twin sister of Isaac. She likes to get into trouble with her twin brother, as they are young.

What is Mia’s horse called?

Mia is a person who likes to be outdoors. She’s pretty sure that her horse knows more about her than most people.

When did Ethan and Emma break up?

There is still a major problem in their relationship. There is a person named “Sultan.” At the end of the season, when she comes back, she causes Emma and Ethan to break up because he lied about kissing her and she realized he would always have something for her.

What is the first Lego Friends set?

Fourteen sets were released in the first wave. There were three mini-doll figures in the largest set, “Olivia’s House”.

Who plays Emily’s mom in friends?

Helen Victoria Baxendale is an English actress of stage and television, best known for her roles as Rachel Bradley in Cold Feet and Emily Waltham in Friends.

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