What Year Is My Uppababy Vista Stroller?

It is possible to tell the model year of your VISTA by the serial number. There is a white sticker on the left rear wheel that has the serial number on it. This was helpful for 9 of the 69 people.

How do I know what model UPPAbaby I have?

There is a barcode on the sticker. The barcode will have a serial number under it. The stroller frame has a Cruz serial number on it. You should look for a square sticker with a barcode and a 15 to 17 digit number.

What’s the difference between UPPAbaby Vista 2018 and 2020?

The UPPAbaby VISTA will be even better in 2020 with new wheels and improved suspension. The frame of the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 has been changed with a spring-action suspension system and the wheels are softer to absorb more bumps.

What age can you use UPPAbaby rumble seat?

The Toddler Seat can be used from as young as 6 months on its own, or fully reclined, and the SnugSeat accessory can be used before 6 months. The seat has a 35-pound weight capacity and a canopy that can be adjusted to seat back heights of 17 to 20.

Can you put two toddler seats on UPPAbaby Vista?

Up to two infant car seats can be attached to the UPPAbaby VISTA, so it can accommodate both siblings and twins. The Upper and Lower adapters are required when attaching two UPPA baby MESA infant car seats.

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Will there be an UPPAbaby Vista 2022?

The VISTA V2 won’t be getting a new version in 2022, according to UPPAbaby. The VISTA V2 has remained the same since it was released in 2020. New colors and a larger sun canopy are included in the UPPAbaby MESA V2 which is compatible with all model years of the VISTA.

What are the UPPAbaby Vista models?

There is only one change for the UPPA baby VISTA V2 and that is the addition of three new colors.

What’s the difference between UPPAbaby Vista 2017 and 2018?

All but three of the VISTAs of the last two years have foam details on their bumper bars. The Jake Black stroller with a black frame is the only one that is silver in color. The frame has a new powder coating that is resistant to scratches.

Does V2 canopy fit Vista?

The older model VISTA is incompatible with the VISTA V2 canopy and basket. Replacement parts can be purchased.

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