Which Lego Friends Character Are You?

Who is olivias boyfriend in LEGO Friends?

A profile of the person. Jacob is a minor character who first appears in New Girl in Town and is a scientist.


Is Autumn Mia’s daughter LEGO Friends?

She’s the daughter of Mia. Autumn’s bedroom would be outside in a multi-story treehouse if she wanted it that way.

Is Ann Mia’s mom in LEGO Friends?

There are three mini-doll figures of LEGO Friends® Mia, her mom Ann and her dad, plus two animal figures. Mia’s bedroom, living room, bathroom with sink and toilet, and kitchen can be found in this cabin-style house.

What did Olivia’s dad do?

After Ted was convicted of armed robbery and manslaughter, his daughter’s mother left him to raise her alone, and she also revealed that she and her father had sex when they were in high school.

Who is Olivia’s brother in LEGO Friends?

The younger brother of Emma often tries to trick her and is not good at being a secret. He’s friends with Cole, who’s the younger brother of Olivia.

Is Daniel Mia’s brother in LEGO Friends?

They are going with Mia to see her brother at college. Their camper van is full of fun things to do.


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Is River Mia’s boyfriend in Lego Friends?

River and Mia have feelings for each other. He looked at her endearingly in the episode Miarella.

What does Mia from Lego friends like?

Mia is a big fan of animals, nature and the outdoors. She is also loyal and honest to a fault, which makes her a friend that you can rely on.

Who is the main girl in Lego Friends?

The LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission series features Kira Buckland’s voice asStephanie. In No Horsing Around, it’s revealed that a person is learning to ride from another person. There is a different face expression in theStephanie’s Play Cube. She is referred to by the LEGO Friends as Steph.

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