Why Lego Retired Barracuda Bay?

Is Lego Pirates of Barracuda Bay discontinued?

The love letter to classic LEGO Pirates had a lifespan of only 2 short years after it was released in the midst of a global pandemic and is considered to be one of the best modern LEGO sets to date.

Is Lego Pirates of Barracuda Bay worth it?

LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay is a play set that can be used as a display set. The amount of detail put in here and the eight minifigures make it a perfect play set. You’re likely going to want to show it off.

Why was Lego pirates discontinued?

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, based on the film series of the same name, was one of the reasons why the revived Lego Pirates theme was discontinued.

Will Lego Pirates come back?

The retirement date of the LEGO Pirates of Barracuda Bay has been moved up to 2021, but what will the future hold? 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay will no longer be on shelves until at least the end of 2021.

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When did Lego 21322 come out?

There are 2,555 pieces and 8 minifigures. The set will be available from LEGO.com, Amazon, and third-party sellers on eBay on April 1, 2020, at a price of $199.99.

How big is Pirates of Barracuda Bay?

There are several island refuges that have appeared within the Pirates theme. This model measures 64 cm wide and 59 cm tall and is larger than Welcome to Apocalypseburg! which measures 70 cm wide and 59 cm tall.

Does Lego Star Wars end in 2022?

The image was taken by Warner Bros. It feels like the end of an era. It is the culmination of a 17-year celebration of the most famous film franchise in history.

Is the Lego ideas Treehouse worth it?

Results can be found here. The LEGO Idea Tree House is a decent set for the price. There are a lot of little details in the cabins as well as on the ground level of the tree, which is a great display piece. The leaves are probably the only negative thing about the set.

Will Lego Star Wars ever end?

The Lego Star Wars theme is based on the Star Wars saga. Lucasfilm’s license was extended by The Lego Group for another three years, first until 2011, then until 2016 and finally until 2022.

Is Lego Star Wars going to end?

LEGO is available for purchase in the UK, USA and Canada.

Is LEGO 75274 retired?

The TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet and the Stormtrooper Helmet are expected to be retired at the end of the year. The Imperial buckets can be purchased through LEGO.com at a discounted price.

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What movies are in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean?

There are over 70 characters from the franchise in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, which spans the stories of the four films.

How many Lego Pirates of the Caribbean video games are there?

Nine video games based on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise were released in July of this year.

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