Will Lego Titanic Be Back In Stock?

The LEGO Titanic will be available on the LEGO Shop in February. The LEGO Titanic is backordered on the LEGO Shop. The set has not been in stock since it was released a year ago.

Will Lego Titanic come back in stock?

The official online store has one of the biggest LEGO sets of all time back in stock after a long time. There was no stock of the huge model in the online store for a long time.

Do LEGO sets come back in stock?

Dozens of sets are available to order at LEGO.com again, but don’t expect to get them in time for Christmas: they are all on back order.

How many Lego Titanic will be made?

There will be a total of 9,090 pieces in the set. It will be made to look like a replica of the ship that he set off on. The largest passenger ship at the time was this one.


Will Lego Titanic sell out?

The backorder status is being changed to note that the build is temporarily out of stock after it sold out for a second time. It is confirmed that there will be more copies of the set in the future.

Is LEGO making a Titanic set?

It’s clear that the upcoming Titanic is one of the most ambitious sets that LEGO has ever produced, so it’s not surprising that the set sold out quickly in pre-order.

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